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Hamptons Offshore Invitational Fishing Tournament
A Charity Event to support Big Brothers Big Sisters of Long Island





"2017 Tournament"
Thank you all for making this years event a Great Success!

Good Evening HOI Tournament Participants & SMTC Members,

boatWell, another Hamptons Offshore Invitational is in the books and while it won’t go down in history from looking at the weigh-in slips it will be remembered for a long time by the many people that will be helped by the huge generosity of all the captains, crews, family, friends and supporters of the tournament and Big Brother Big Sisters Long Island.

Congratulations to the top crews who picked up their trophies Sunday night. With no monster bigeyes setting a high bar the competition was tense right down to the final weigh-ins. In the end ALEXA ANN’s 76 pound yellowfin ended up being the biggest tuna of the tournament and took the top prize in the Night division. COMPLICATED LADY and PLEASURE SICA tied for the largest yellowfin in the Day division. SPELL MANS had the largest overall bluefin and took first place in the Day division, while PERSUASION had the largest of the Night boats. BABY-G took top overall mahi with their 23.2 in the Night division and TINT WORLD was tops in the Day division, with their 18 pounder. JOSEY won for largest shark with their 165 mako.

Beyond the fishing skills displayed at the weigh scales, the HOI once again showcased the tremendous power of the South Fork community to muster support for a good cause. When the receipts were all totaled the 2017 tournament raised a whopping $240,000 for BBBSLI to support their mentoring programs across the island.

That couldn’t have happened without the support of all the great sponsors and premium sponsors: George Vickers Jr. Enterprises, Harry Bachrach, Owen and Laurie Schwartz, Shore Line Insurance Agency, Wahl & Crew, White Water Custom Sportfish Boats, White Water Outfitters, Sportsman Boats, Hampton Watercraft & Marine, Haskell Local Outfitters, Riverhead Building Supply, South Shore Docks Inc, Spellman’s Marine, State Island Yacht Sales, Unity International Group, Advantage Tile, East Hampton Dental Group, Prime Marina Group, United Yacht Sales, ZBF Geothermal, Overtemp Marine and Village Auto Body Inc.

And special big thanks, as always, go to the staff of Oaklands Restaurant and Marina, especially Tosh and his crew on the docks and all the waitstaff and chefs who put on Sunday’s giant celebration. Also to the members of the Shinnecock Marlin & Tuna Club, tournament chairman Scott Horowitz and Mark Cox and his entire BBBSLI team for organizing and coordinating this giant 8-day event.

And congratulations to Southampton boy David O’Connor for being the big lucky winner of the 23 Sportsman center console donated by White Water Marine.

Have a great rest of the fishing season everyone and we hope to see you all back at the captains meeting next August.

Michael Wright

Official HOI Blog Writer


Good Evening Everyone,

awardsI apologize in advance for the dry email but unfortunately Michael Wright our “Tournament Blogger” was tied up today and could not write the daily tournament summary. He will be back late Sunday night or early Monday morning to provide the final Tournament Wrap-up for us. With that said, the responsibility has fallen on me. Here we go:

Although it was a beautiful day onshore today, that wasn’t reflected at the docks for weigh-ins. Due to the recent small craft advisories the past couple of days we only saw 5 day boats venture out today and 2 overnights that will be returning tomorrow. In addition to the 5 day trippers, we also were anticipating 1 overnighter and 1 double overnighter returning to the docks today.

Between the 7 boats expected at the docks, unfortunately we only weighed 2 fish in at the scales. Fortunately for Love of the Game, their 14 lb. Bluefin was good enough to take the top and only spot on the leaderboard in the Bluefin Day Boat Category. The only other fish weighed came from Dorado in the Night Boat Category. They weighed in a 72 lb. yellowfin that fell shy of taking 3rd place by 1 lb.

Although tomorrow is a short day due to the Awards Dinner, we will likely see at least 2 overnights coming back and possibly a few Day Boats headed out.

The Awards Dinner starts at 5 p.m. at Oakland’s. Please remind all of your crew and their guests to come wearing their dinner bracelets. No one will be allowed to enter without a dinner bracelet. If you haven’t purchased your ticket to the Awards Dinner, you can do so at the door. Tickets are $150 per person.

As always, we look forward to a great evening celebrating the tournament and raising money for Big Brothers Big Sisters of Long Island. We have about 80 tickets remaining for the 23’ Sportsman Boat Raffle and will also have a Chinese Raffle at the event which will feature plenty of great prizes. We will also have t-shirts for sale and a silent auction at the dinner.

I look forward to seeing everyone and having a great evening.


Greetings HOI Crews and SMTC Members.

Friday was another busy evening at the Oaklands scales, with 23 boats returning from overnight trips. But despite a lot of tails sticking out of dock carts, there were scant few changes to the leaderboard (see attached).

JOSEY took over the top shark spot in the Night division with their 165 mako. The only other change to the Night category leaderboard was OSTEO EXPRESS grabbing 2nd and 3rd in the bluefin category with a pair of 28.5 pounders. ISLAND GAL weighed in a 97-pound Day division shark to post the top spot in that category and COMPLICATED LADY took over the top Day division albacore category with a 32.5. The big money spots all remained unchanged with scant few chances remaining to post weight.

Yellowfins continued to be the featured species of the weigh-ins as the 2017 HOI is in danger of the being the first in many years with no bigeyes weighed in at all. The yellows appear to have been crashing trolling spreads pretty readily however and most of the returning boats had tunas that to weary eyes looked to maybe have a chance at the money. CURTIN CALL had a 69.5, COERCION a 62, 63 and 65, POSITIVE ATTITUDE a 62.5, TIBURON a 61 and 55, LADY JANE a 69, HOT PURSUIT weighted a 66.5, FISH had a 56, WHITE WATER had a 62, OUTCAST a 61, BCACKHAWK a 61.5, REEL LUCKY had a trio of fatties at 68, 69 and 71, ZIGGY a 65 and 58 IL SOGNO a 65 and 69 and FISH THIS had a heartbreaker at 72.5, which ties the third place yellow but loses out since White Water posted their first.

So with just over 24 hours to go ALEXA ANN’s 76 yellowfin remains in the top tuna spot.

If you still need tickets for tomorrow’s dinner at Oaklands, can be purchased at the door for $150 per person. The weather looks like it’s going to be fantastic again this year for the event.



Hello HOI Participants and SMTC Members,

A slue of Day boats and a few Night boats came back to the scales today, but there have been only a couple changes to the leaderboard

TINT WORLD took over the top spot in the mahi category for the Day boats with an 18 pounder and OUTLAW weighed in a 3.2 pound lay day fluke.

The only other change to the leaderboards today was DARI TALES taking over third place in the Night division’s mahi category with a 12.4 pounder.

Another change to the leaderboard having nothing to do with today’s weigh-in: KANALOA was mistakenly posted in the Day division but is actually in the Night division, so their 28 pound bluefin now moves into 2nd place on the Night bluefin line, behind PERSUASION and ahead of OUTLAW but bumping REEL LUCKY off the board.

23 Night division boats are due to come back from overnighters tomorrow afternoon so it will be another busy evening for the scale crew.



Good Morning HOI Participants and SMTC members,

warnWith giant hurricane swell breaking across the mouth of the inlet on Wednesday most of the HOI fleet was kept at the dock. But a handful of boats that had left on double-overnighters on Monday returned to the scales with the spoils from their long days at sea.

The big tunas have still not been found but lots of yellowfins and other species are keeping crews and weighmasters busy.

The crew of PERSUASION weighed in five different species of fish on Wednesday: yellowfin, bluefin, mahi, shark and swordfish. Their 29 pound bluefin and 115.5 thresher shark are posted in the top spots for those categories. Swordfish still isn't an official category in the tourney but there is a calcutta and their 93-pounder holds the top spot, with FIVE SEAS in second at 84.5.

The four boats that brought fish to the scales on Wednesday each had a mess of yellowfins on their decks but not were big enough to make the leaderboard. FIVE SEAS weighed in yellows of 67, 69 and 70 pounds. REBEL hung a 69.5 and MAXIUMUS missed the board by just half a pound with a 72 and 64.

The small craft advisory was lifted for today and with the southwest winds expected to pick up Friday afternoon and most of the Night division boats that still have trips left to do went out today. In all 33 boats left Thursday morning, 23 on overnights, two on double-overnighters and eight Day division boats. There are also four boats at sea still on double-overnighters that will be expected back at the dock this afternoon, where everyone will be eagerly waiting to see if the first bigeye will hit the scales. With weather windows tight the next several days even a smallish fish could be a big winner for the lucky boat that gets the right bite.

Good luck everyone. See you at the scales.

Mike Wright



pic 2


Good Evening HOI Anglers,

Tuesday Wrap-up

The first major weigh-in day of the 2017 HOI on Tuesday saw 30 boats come back to the dock from day and overnight trips and lots of fish come to the scales, though the bigeye category in both divisions remain vacant.

The Night division saw its first weigh-ins, which were dominated by good numbers of decent sized yellowfins. The three top spots on the leaderboard are all over 70 pounds already, a respectable start to the week. ALEXA ANN took the top spot with a fish of 76 pounds, CURTAIN CALL posted in second with a 74.5 while WHITE WATER snuck into the third spot on the board with a 72.5 pounder.

ALEXA ANN also grabbed the early lead in the albacore category with a 36.5 followed by OUTCAST and OUTLAW WITH 29.5 and 22.5 pounders respectively.

OUTLAW and REEL LUCKY both weighed in twin 25.5 pound bluefins in the Night category.

BABY-G hung two nice mahis of 16.88 and 15.14 pounds to take the top two spots in that category and FISH THIS got on the board with a 11.4.

The only additions to the Day division leaderboard on Tuesday was the two albacore that MANGO weighed in to post the top two spots in that category, at 26.5 and 26.

While nobody found bigeyes yet the overnight boats did apparently have pretty good action with yellowfins.

More than 30 yellowfin were brought to the scales. Here’s the full tally:

TIBURON weighed a 61. COERCION weighed a 64 and 56. WHITE WATER hung fish of 67, 68 and 74. CHASIN TAIL had a 65, as did FISHY FEELING. OUTCAST weighed a 55, 61 and 62. FISH THIS weighed a 60. IL SOGNO had a 62 and 66. Along with her leading fish, ALEXA ANN also weighed a 70 pounder. FISH 4 EVA had yellows of 64, 65, and 66. OFFSHORE OBSESSION weighed in yellows of 54 and 61 along with several mahi, none of which made the board. ZIGGY brought a 60 yellowfin to the scale. MISS WHITE WATER had yellows of 61, 64 and 66. REEL LUCKY weighed in a 54, and a pair of 65s. OFFSHORE EXPRESS had three weigh-in fish of 59, 61 and 65. F.I.S.H. weighed a 67.

Many thanks to Tosh and his crew and to Bill and Sean at the weigh-in table on a very busy night at the scales! Good job everyone.

Small craft warnings look like they’re going to keep boats from leaving tomorrow but six boats that left on Monday morning on double overnighters are due back to the scales on Wednesday afternoon and four more boats left Tuesday morning with Thursday returns on their log.

Good luck to everyone, whatever you do.

Mike Wright




Good morning HOI Participants,



After a bit of delay, the scales of the 2017 Hamptons Offshore Invitational tipped for the first time on Monday evening with the spoils of some of the Day Trip division boats that made runs.

The first two days of fishing were stymied by poor forecasts, if not actually poor weather. On Saturday two Day boats made trips but weighed in no fish. Sunday was a forced lay day thanks to NOAA's posting of small craft warnings, though nary a whitecap was to be seen between the inlet and the edge.

So Monday was go time. In all, 11 Day boats, and 34 Overnight boats left the dock to flat calm seas. Six of the O/N boats declaring that they would be staying out for their full two-night allotment for the tournament, a new allowance for this year's event.

COMPLICATED LADY and PLEASURE SICA dropped the first two tunas of the tournament on the docks, a pair of twin yellowfins weighing 61 pounds even (see attached photos).

KANALOA brought in a pair of schoolie bluefin from the inshore grounds, getting on the board in the 1st and 2nd position with fish of 28 pounds and 24.5 pounds.

SPELLMANS MARINE weighed in a 10.88 pound mahi to post in 1st place in that category, followed by C-JOY and MANGO with mahi of 9.82 and 7.94 pounds respectively.

The weather looks to be cooperating for the rest of the week. A big long-period swell will build over the next couple days but it doesn't look to be anything that will keep boats at the dock.

With 26 Overnight boats and a number of Day boats returning to the dock on Tuesday the scales will be a busy place. If you're on shore, come watch the festivities.

Some reminders:
There are still some raffle tickets for the 23 Sportsman donated by White Water Marine. They're $100 each and only 750 are being sold. To get tickets stop into White Water Outfitters, Oakland’s Restaurant or call Deanna Tropeano at 516-731-7880 ext. 214.

If you still need tickets for the awards dinner on Sunday for your crew or family you can also get those at Oakland’s or call Deanna at Big Brothers Big Sisters of Long Island.

Good luck today to all those coming back to the docks!


FISHFriday thru Sunday
Welcome Captains and Crews to the 2017 Hamptons Offshore Invitational.

If you didn’t make it to the Captains Meeting last night, this year’s competition is looking to be as heated as ever The fleet is big again this year, with 60 boats competing overall: 47 in the Overnight division and 13 in the Day Trip division. Special thanks to our Hospitality Sponsor Overtemp.com and the Hampton Bays Fire Department for handling the BBQ services all evening!

Mother Nature is not giving us the sort of grand send-off we’d like but two Day division boats did make their first trips today. There are some nice bluefin not too far from shore so there is some opportunity to shift focus a little on the borderline days. Don’t forget, the Giant category of bluefins is closed to recreational fishing so no fish over 73 inches maybe killed or entered in the category for the tournament. Some boats will also be using today to hung for their lay day consolation fluke, bass and bluefish.

Sending off everyone each morning at the docks are John, Pete and the rest of the morning crew. At the scales you will find Tosh Luerssen and his crew manning the scales, Bill Kearney and Shawn Spicer (who has a lot of time now that he got canned by Trump) keeping tabs of every fish weighed in, and Mike Wright of the Southampton Press and Mark Cox of Big Brothers Big Sisters of Long Island mustering the daily leaderboard updates. Ray Geminski will be at the docks photographing your trophies so don’t change out of your canyon gear before weigh-in.

Special thanks go out to this year’s premium sponsors George Vickers Jr. Enterprises, White Water Custom Sportfish Boats, White Water Outfitters, Wahl & Crew, Owen & Laurie Schwartz, Harry Bacharach and Shore Line Insurance; and to our Gold sponsors, Haskell’s Bait & Tackle, Riverhead Building Supply, South Shore Docks, East Hampton Dental Group, State Island Yacht Sales, Hampton Watercraft & Marine, Advantage Tile, Prime Marina Group, United Yacht Sales, Spellman’s Marine, ZBF Geothermal, Sportsman and Unity International Group.

Don’t forget to secure whatever tickets you need for next Sunday’s awards dinner. The party starts at 5 p.m. Tickets are $150 each for your additional crew and family. There are also 80 tickets remaining for the 23’ Sportsman Boat Raffle, so don’t miss out on your chance to buy the winning ticket! For ticket purchase, contact Deanna Tropeano at 516-731-7880 ext. 214. If you have general questions about the tournament call Deanna or Tournament Director Scott Horowitz at 631-921-3944.

Good luck this week, everyone. Hopefully we will see you at the scales soon!


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A Charity Event to support Big Brothers Big Sisters Long Island New York

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