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Hamptons Offshore Invitational Fishing Tournament
A Charity Event to support Big Brothers Big Sisters of Long Island





Event Hosted by The
Shinnecock Marlin & Tuna Club

Hampton Bays New York

17th Annual Hamptons
Offshore Invitational 2017

Benefitting Big Brothers Big Sisters of Long Island


Schedule of Events

Captain’s Meeting:
Friday, August 11th, 2017, 7 p.m.
Oakland’s Marina, Dune Rd, Hampton Bays

Fishing Days:
Saturday, August 12th – Sunday, August 20th
Weigh Station: Oakland’s Marina
Weigh-Ins: Saturday, August 12th - Saturday, August 19th, 4pm - 7 pm
Sunday, August 20th ends at Noon

Awards Dinner:
Sunday, August 20th at Oakland’s Marina
5 pm - 9 pm
Includes cocktails, dinner, awards, raffles & silent auction

Tuna-Bigeye, Tuna-Yellowfin, Tuna-Bluefin, Mako/Thresher Shark, Albacore (Day or Overnight categories) and Mahi.
Bluefish (Day category only)

Entry Fees


Overnight Category:

$950 BEFORE August 1 / $1,000 AFTER August 1
Includes: Two (2) tickets to Awards Dinner, Two (2) separate overnight trips (must return to dock between each trip)

Day Category:
$650 BEFORE August 1 / $700 AFTER August 1
Includes: Two (2) tickets to Awards Dinner, 4 out of 9 fishing days (your choice)

Lay Day Category:
$100 BEFORE August 1 / $150 AFTER August 1
Lay Day fishing is from 5 a.m. Saturday August 12th to 12 p.m. Noon Sunday, August 21st
Full details in Rules of Engagement


Sponsorship Opportunities Available

For more information on the Shinnecock Marlin & Tuna Club, please visit:

For more information on Big Brothers Big Sisters of Long Island, please visit:

Contact Information:

Scott Horowitz, Tournament Chairman
sportfishcapt@aol.com / 631.921.3944

Deanna Tropeano, Special Events Manager, Big Brothers Big Sisters of Long Island
dtropeano@bbbsli.org / O: 516.731.7880 x214

Mark Cox, CEO, Big Brothers Big Sisters of Long Island
mcox@bbbsli.org / O: 516.731.7880 x213


Minimum Weights

Bigeye Tuna

Yellowfin Tuna


5 lbs



Day Category Only

Note: minimum weights established by the governing bodies will prevail at the time of the tournament over the weights listed above.

Permits Required to Participate
Click here to Get a Permit

National Marine Fisheries Service Permit Shop

Atlantic tunas, Atlantic HMS Angling, and Atlantic HMS Charter/Headboat permits for this season are now available.

The Hamptons Offshore Invitational Sport Fishing Tournament is an annual event, so register now for the up and coming season.

Rules of Engagement

Tournament Objective: The Hamptons Offshore Invitational is intended to provide a competitive and enjoyable fishing tournament. It also seeks to provide a benefit to Big Brothers Big Sisters of Long Island. We intend to be respectful of our community, our resources, and each other. Good sportsmanship is paramount.

  • All Boats must leave from and return to Oakland’s Marina.
  • Transient Dockage: Boats from other areas are required to make their own dockage arrangements. There are many marinas that provide dockage and services in the local area.
  • No vessel may depart the inlet earlier than 5:00am.  Departing vessels MUST deposit appropriate BOAT CARD with dock personnel at Oakland’s Marina PRIOR to leaving. The boat card must have the following information: date of departure, boat name, tournament entry number, names of captain and crew and contact phone numbers.
  • Boats fishing in the Day Category will compete against boats in that same Day Category.  The Day Category allows four (4) individual fishing days.  Entrants must return to dock between trips.
  • (a) Boats fishing in the Overnight Category will compete against boats in that same Overnight Category.  The Overnight Category allows two (2) overnight trips. One single, double-overnight trip is not permitted. Entrants must return to dock between trips.

(b) An overnight boat can declare fishing for the day by cutting the dock card in half and indicating same. Once a declaration is made at the dock there can be no changes. Boat is still competing in original category.

  • Each boat entered will receive two (2) dinner tickets to the Awards Dinner at Oakland’s on Sunday, 8/21/16. Additional tickets may be purchased at the time of boat entry at a discounted rate of $100.00. Tickets purchased after entry fee is received OR until the dinner tickets are Sold Out, may be accommodated at $150.00 each. Boats are limited to 8 discounted tickets. Each vessel can only receive a maximum of ten (10) tickets.
  • The Committee boats will Monitor VHF 68.
  • If a participating boat becomes disabled for any reason and has to be towed, the towing boat must report its location and number/species of fish on board. Estimated time of arrival MUST BE GIVEN. In the event that both boats arrive after the official deadline, ONLY the towing boat can qualify, THERE ARE NO EXCEPTIONS. There will be no transferring of fish.


Day and Night- Tuna-Bigeye, Tuna-Yellowfin, Tuna-Bluefin, Mako/Thresher Shark, Albacore, Mahi
DAY ONLY- Bluefish

  • All boats shall weigh in at the official weigh station at Oakland’s Marina.
  • All vessels must return and be within 100 yards of Oakland’s fuel dock prior to 7 p.m. in order to be eligible to weigh in ON THEIR REQUIRED DAY (except Sunday 8/21/16 when check-in is no later than 12:00pm noon) even if they have no fish to weigh-in.  Check–in with the “WeighMaster” via VHF Channel 68.  The Coast Guard will be notified of any boat that fails to report in.  The vessel, its owner and crew will be responsible for whatever expenses are incurred for a search.  Violations of this procedure can affect future participation in this event.
  • The boat may weigh UP TO the three (3) biggest fish in each category on board.
  • The weighmaster and tournament committee reserve the right to retain any fish that they deem questionable. If retention is refused, the fish is automatically disqualified. In addition, they may cut open any fish for inspection if weight altering is suspected.
  • No boat shall leave an inlet and commence a fishing day if the NOAA Forecast contains the wording “SMALL CRAFT ADVISORY” or “WARNING.” No fish may be weighed in or entered in violation of this rule.
  • Each vessel Captain and Crew is responsible for the seaworthiness of their crew and vessel. The final decision on the sea conditions and safety always remains with the captain and crew of each individual vessel. The SMTC, Tournament Committee, and BBBSLI assume no liability in the event of inclement weather, sea conditions, or any hazard or peril maritime in nature.  Captains are expected to do whatever is responsible and prudent to secure the safety of their crew, passengers and property.  The SMTC, Tournament Committee, and BBBSLI have no responsibility in this situation and all decision making rests within each vessel.  NOAA Forecast should be monitored regularly and NOAA advisories and warnings should be adhered to.
  •  In consideration of the acceptance of an entry, the captain and all those in the vessel’s crew hereby release and discharge and agree to indemnify and hold harmless the Shinnecock Marlin & Tuna Club, Inc., the individual officers, directors and membership, the members of the Tournament Committee and other committees, the sponsors and BBBSLI and each of them, from any and all liability, claims, expenses (including attorney’ fees) of any nature whatsoever arising out of, or because of, or during the participation in this Tournament. 
  • The Captain and Crew hereby permit the release of information concerning the Captain’s involvements and that of the crew and boat with the Tournament and the taking and publication of any photographs and moving pictures of the boat and the individuals thereon.
  • The Captain and Crew agree to abide by any and all rules, regulations, laws and ordinances, whether promulgated by the Club or any governmental authority, and decisions of the Rules Committee, Judges and Tournament Committee.
  • Refunds for boats that withdraw PRIOR TO the Captains Meeting will be allowed.
  • There will be no prorated refunds or tournament refunds issued after the Captains Meeting. 
  • The committee requests that all vessels observe radio courtesy and in case of an emergency CLEAR THE CHANNEL.  The committee will monitor VHF 68.
  • Each vessel is required by Federal Law to posses a Valid HMS Permit from NOAA.  (Acquired at https://hmspermits.noaa.gov/) Any vessel fishing under a commercial HMS permit will abide by the angling permit category for bag limits while fishing in this officially registered HMS tournament. Any vessel violating this rule will be disqualified.
  • Each crew member by LAW MUST BE registered in the New York State Saltwater Registry Program from the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (NYSDEC).  (Info at http://www.dec.ny.gov/permits/54950.html)
  • All fish captured must comply with ALL Federal and State regulations.  Any mutilated, harpooned or shot fish will be disqualified.  The tournament committee will examine any mutilated fish and their decision as to eligibility to qualify is final.
  • The Tournament Committee will examine any mutilated fish and their decision as to eligibility to qualify is final.
  • (a) Rubber snubbers, handlines, and harpoons may not be used – harpoons are not allowed on any boats.  All fish must be caught on rod and reel.  All fish must be caught either “stand-up,” floating gimble, or in a fighting chair.  Fish caught out of a rod holder will be disqualified.

    (b) Vessels with large rod/reel set-ups designed for fighting chair use should be removed from vessels not equipped with such chair.

    (c) Use of a “Green Stick” in any capacity will NOT be allowed. Any vessel fishing in this tournament with an installed “Green Stick” shall remove hydraulic/bandit reel and tie off stick in a manner to clearly display non-use.

  • NO fighting fish from swivel rod holders or fighting stations with pins inserted. Fish caught on heavy gear out of a rod holder will be disqualified.  The decision to disqualify a fish is the sole responsibility of the Tournament Committee. 
  • Spreader bars WILL BE ALLOWED in the 2016 Hamptons Offshore Invitational.
  • Any winning teams may be subject to polygraph examination.
  • Any Formal Protest must be submitted in writing, within 1 hour of the final weigh-in on the day of the subject fish.  Protest shall only be entered by the official tournament entity accompanied with a check paid to Hampton Offshore Invitational in the amount of $250.00.  Protestors shall be responsible for all polygraph fees. 
  • ANY decision of the Contest Committee is FINAL.
  • A rod may be passed off to another angler immediately upon hook-up or while moving angler to a fighting chair.  A single angler must fight a fish single handedly from start to finish without assistance besides having the rod initially passed to him/her.
  • Any manufacturer’s marked line test is accepted.  You do not have to use tournament line.  Maximum running line permissible is any manufacture labeled 130lb line but backing line may exceed 130lb test.
  • There will be NO use of aircraft of any kind for the purpose of spotting or baiting fish. If drones are utilized for the purpose of filming, they must remain behind the bow of the vessel. Any vessel spotted with a drone flying past the bow is subject to disqualification.
  • The official clock of the tournament will be kept on continuous GPS time.
  • By signing the entry form, SMTC has permission to take and publish photographs and moving pictures of your boat and individuals on it. Use may include but not limited to press release, newsletters and website.
  • In the event of a tie, the First Fish weighed will be the leader/winner.
  • Distribution of unfilled categories, will be distributed in the calculation among all the filled categories within each division- day and overnight.  
  • ALL IGFA rules apply except the modifications listed in these rules.

Replacement Boat Policy:
In the event of a mechanical breakdown, a replacement boat may be substituted if:

  • The tournament committee is satisfied that a replacement boat is warranted.
  • The TOURNAMENT APPLICANT listed on the entry form of the disabled vessel must fish on the substitute vessel.
  • The committee reserves the right to have the final determination of the substitution.

Lay Day Tournament Rules.
In the spirit of enjoyment and friendly sportsmanship to promote relationships between offshore and inshore vessels and crew. In addition to HOI offshore species, an entrant for an additional fee of $100 can compete on days, not offshore, for Striped Bass and Fluke.

    • $100 entry fee. ($150 after 8/1/16)
    • An entrant may use a 2nd vessel in lieu of the primary fishing vessel for the Lay Day Tournament only. 
    • Lay Day fishing is allowed from 5am Saturday 08/12/16 till Noon Sunday 08/21/16.
    • Fish must be weighed in during normal weigh-in hours: 3pm to 7pm except Sunday 8/21/16 when weigh-in is no later than 12:00pm.
    • 1st Place Only, Striped Bass & Fluke
    • 50% of pool donated to BBBSLI
    • Balance Split- 50% Striped Bass and 50% Fluke.

    Event Hosted by The
    Shinnecock Marlin & Tuna Club

    Hampton Bays New York

Hampton's Offshore Invitational Fishing Tournament
A Charity Event to support Big Brothers Big Sisters Long Island New York



The Hamptons Offshore Invitational is the Premiere Offshore Sport Fishing Tournament for Tuna, Dolphin, Shark, Fluke, and Striped Bass. The Hamptons Offshore Invitational is a charity event to benefit Big Brothers Big Sisters. Anglers and fishermen of all ages participate in this sport fishing event every season to raise money for Long Island families in need. The fish species include, Shark, Tuna, Striped Bass, and others. The Tournament is hosted by The Long Island Shinnecock Marlin & Tuna Club of Long Island. Boats leave out of Oakland's Marina Hampton Bays Suffolk New York. Copyright © 2017 Shinnecock Marlin & Tuna Club. All Rights Reserved. Webpage by licomputerfix.com